I’d like to offer a public “THANK YOU” to Ms. Myrick and Ms. West from Jacksboro Elementary School for their determination and care of our children regarding the issue of bullying.    
Tuesday after the article on Bullying came out; I received a call from Ms. West asking if we could visit and see what we as a team could do regarding the bullying issue. I must admit, for me, being part of that article was my attempt at bringing awareness to the issue of bullying; it was not an attempt of pointing fingers or blaming. We, as a community, can all have a part in making Jacksboro a safer place for our children and one another.
My visit with Ms. Myrick and Ms. West gave me an opportunity of seeing all the programs already implemented throughout the school year and offered us an idea of areas where things could improve or need to be readdressed. They welcomed my thoughts, ideas and willingness to help.
I appreciate both of these ladies’ openness and desire of being part of the solution. In the next couple weeks, JES students will take part in a Bullying Survey. In the plan currently being implemented; which is above and beyond what is required by law and things the school already does; there will be trainings for teachers, students and parents available. This year, the school also started a program where those who bully can be reported at So far, only five people used this resource.


Over the school year, Ms. West offers counseling to those bullied, the bully and groups. She’s working on new programming and ways of encouraging kindness among the students. Ms. Myrick also stated some disciplinary action was taken over the year in the form of ISS, suspension and classroom movement of the child who is bullying.
It’s good knowing people care about our kids enough to sit down with a parent like me and visit for over an hour on this topic. It’s good knowing we are team players and I cannot thank Ms. Myrick and Ms. West (and all the other teachers/staff/administration) enough for all they do for our school and our children.
As Nathaniel Branden once said, “The first step to change is awareness. The second is acceptance”. Now that we are aware of bullying in our community of Jacksboro, may we now accept it’s time for change and action.
                Rev. Ana Marie Wilson
Jacksboro Parish